End of Financial Year Processes

End of Financial Year Processes ensures your business information is up to date & compliant, this process identifies any anomalies or areas requiring further review.

End of Financial Year Processes includes:

  • GST reconciliation
  • Payroll reconciliation

- PAYG payment summary preparation

- Annual Tax Office reporting

- WorkCover reconciliation

- Superannuation reconciliation

- Payroll Tax reconciliation

  • Reconciliation

- bank accounts

- credit card

- loan statements

- Tax Office RBA account

- other liabilities

  • Taxable Payment Annual Report
  • Check Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss transactions for accurate reporting
  • Review Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
  • Identification of Bad Debts
  • Prepare information to be provided to Tax Agents
  • Complete end of year rollovers (if relevant)
  • End of Year adjusting journals